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Personal Attention

Bankruptcy attorney Ross Meiners will handle your case from beginning to end.


Mr. Meiners truly cares about his clients’ finances and struggles. He understands that most financial problems that require a filing result from circumstances outside his clients’ control and wants to help people and businesses get back on track.


Our office has filed and completed thousands of successful bankruptcy cases. Mr. Meiners has been filing consumer bankruptcy cases since 2007.

Low Flat Fees

Our affordable fees allow you the quality representation you need to deal with your creditors properly.

Accurate advice

Attorney Meiners stays current on the always changing developments in bankruptcy law, providing clients with the latest and most effective debt relief solutions.

Real Estate Solutions

Should the situation require, we can stop a pending trustee foreclosure with Chapter 13 filing. then combine it with a loan modification or other cure options during the case.

Our services include removing recorded judgment liens attached to your homestead, and lien stripping secondary mortgage liens when values allow.

Stress Relief

Rest assured knowing that you have addressed your debt properly and are on your way to a better financial future.

Our office specifically handles bankruptcy cases.  With this experience, we can ensure you’re getting the best possible result from start to finish.  We also strive to minimize the stress of the financial situation you are dealing with.

Legal Solutions

Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

Meiners Law Office, PLC represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters. We are based in Tucson, Arizona and have helped thousands of individuals and small businesses all over Arizona become debt free and on their way to a new financial fresh start.  Our law firm focus is on bankruptcy and related legal matters. 

You’ll get personalized attention from experienced bankruptcy lawyer Ross Meiners throughout your entire case.  We’ll get your case filed in a few easy steps and prepare you for the course of your case.

Once your case is filed, creditor actions like wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure stop.  Debts like credit cards, collection accounts, registration and payday loans, medical bills, lawsuits, older taxes, and other unsecured debts get discharged.

In most cases using the applicable exemptions, you will keep all your assets. This includes your home, vehicles, wages, personal property, household goods & electronics, and retirement accounts. 

Most case filers see a credit score improvement after filing, This allows for more favorable future borrowing rates on a house, vehicle, and other credit financing. You’ll see a true fresh start. Contact us for a free initial consultation to analyze your specific situation. 

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